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Track all your inventory-related costs and run reports to see your sales totals, cost of goods sold, taxes collected, profit margin, inventory value on hand, and more! Your accountant will thank you.

Integration across all business processes

To realize the full benefits of an ERP system it should be fully integrated into all aspects of your business from the customer facing front end, through planning and scheduling, to the production and distribution of the products you make.

Automation enhances productivity

By automating aspects of business processes, ERP makes them more efficient, less prone to error and faster. It also frees up people from mundane tasks such as balancing data.

Increase overall performance

By integrating disparate business processes, ERP ensures coherence and avoids duplication, discontinuity, and people working at cross purposes, in different parts of the organization. The cumulative positive effect when business processes integrate well is overall superior performance by the organization.

Quality reports and performance analysis

Analysis on ERP will enable you to produce financial and boardroom quality reports, as well as to conduct analysis on the performance of your organization.

Integrates across the entire supply chain

A best of breed ERP system should extend beyond your organization and integrate with both your supplier and customer systems to ensure full visibility and efficiency across your supply chain.

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